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Homemade Dictionary 2.01                                     Test your Language Skills : Play Online

Author:  Nitin Diwaker                                             Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)                           

Word Compilation :  Dr. A. K. Diwaker (FISCD, D.Orth.)


Fully free, Open Source, customizable and easy to use dictionary, with damn good features including background music support. Also featuring a never before "medical dictionary", containing Plethora of medical words, a real sine quo non for budding Doctors. The best item bundled is "Test Your Word Power Game", a fabulous word power Game.  Plus The dictionary also has initial database of around 5800 words including SLANGS whose meaning are hard to crack otherwise. It is an ideal choice for one interested in beauty of language, Crossword Lovers, Doctors, GRE Aspirants as well as programmers. You can also add your personal words on the fly. It has a nice GUI even Novice wouldn't find hard to use. It is very small in size only 700 KB and can even fit on floppy. Please go through Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), before you install this software. This software is now released under terms and condition of GNU GPL, since 19 July 2005,IST.


Wow !  would u utter, while viola ! we say. To grasp the nitty-gritty download our dictionary.


Recognition & Achievements:

1. This project is up at Sourceforge under the name jcustomdict. By the way, sourceforge is world's largest Open Source project repository hosting over One Lac projects.

2. Also find this project at Softpedia, which is a library of over 40,000 free and free-to-try software programs for Windows and Unix/Linux, games, Mac software and drivers. Softpedia has rated this product to be "100% free" award. The details of award can be seen at this location.

3. You can also see this project up at Freshmeat the project name javadict. is one of the largest Unix/Linux products repository.



You need to have JRE1.5.0 or above(Java Runtime Environment) installed prior to using this dictionary, currently only Windows XP is supported. Other Window version are also supported but they require some manual work to do other than setup itself, or may you can try installing if it works, I haven't tested it ;-) . Note: it may also work with JRE1.4 without Printing support (Try it out, I haven't, but it should ).

* Soon I will upload the procedure that how you can make it work on other platforms too.

Linux version requires that you have Postgresql  installed, along with JRE though any other DBMS could also be used, in case you are willing to do some programming.

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Last updated on 28 Oct 2006; Game can now be played online; 2.01 released.

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