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  1. How you got idea of this project "Homemade dictionary" ?
  2. Have you tested the software quality?
  3. How do I install it ?
  4. What the hell is JRE ?
  5. Why are you distributing it for free?
  6. Hey I found Out a bug
  7. Why are you criticizing Windows?
  8. Who are you?
  9. I want to contribute (Suggestions, new Wordlists, code, money ;-)

Idea of this project?

This dictionary project just arose as means to satisfy the requirements of customizable dictionary that my dad always required. Since I am  presently on vacation so I gave a try to it, and final product is finally out. Well not much of testing has been done but it should works seamlessly, if you use it correctly. Though  the project was made in record time of 4 days, however the improvements that have been done to it to improve Looks, & features have taken considerable amount of time and several hours of my sleep after midnight, for several days and even till now.

The Product has been released as"Open Source" product, and the best thing is the courage and spirits to release it as Open Source (You usually get no money for the amount for the work you have done in this case, as you can I have posted it for free download with absolutely no functional limitations).

Open Source is the new approach towards software development, when you let others have access to your source code freely; this way anybody interested can modify the code as per his needs and let others also benefit from it. On account this approach only, we have world class Operating System like Linux available to us.

By the way the title of this homepage "Antitrust Associates"  might have surprised you, but actually it's a Hollywood movie "Antitrust" that would let you into an insight of real Open Source vs. Proprietary Systems.

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Software Quality


HomeMade Dictionary 2.0 - SOFTPEDIA "100% FREE" AWARD

Softpedia is a library of over 40,000 free and free-to-try software
programs for Windows and Unix/Linux, games, Mac software and drivers. Please click the image for award details.

This product has received several recognitions at various renowned websites worldwide, as well as listed at various of them including sourceforge, freshmeat and Softpedia. By the way if the way if so many websites are listing the project and it is an open-source project you should be confident about the project. So feel free to access the quality yourself.

 For details read below:

1. This project is up at Sourceforge under the name jcustomdict. By the way, sourceforge is world's largest Open Source project repository hosting over One Lac projects.

2. Also find this project at Softpedia, which has proudly rated this project to be flawless. The Softpedia homepage for this project is located here (Alternate download location 2) . You may also try out this page in case you are facing download problems at this webpage. Softpedia is a library of over 40,000 free and free-to-try software programs for Windows and Unix/Linux, games, Mac software and drivers. Softpedia has rated this product to be "100% free" award. The details of award can be seen at this location.

3. You can also see this project up at Freshmeat the project name javadict. is one of the largest Unix/Linux products repository.

Installation ?

Click here to download the Windows version of the dictionary. You will typically need an unzipping utility like WinZip, Winrar etc. to unzip the contents. For advance users I would recommend 7-zip a world class Open Source archive manager available at sourceforge ). Simply double Click the Setup.exe and it will do the entire installation. Note: You  will require JRE/JDK1.5.0 or above in order to run the program.

Installation of Linux version is a bit difficult and you should download the Linux version of HomeMade Dictionary2.0  from here. Linux version requires that you have Postgresql installed on your machine, though advance user can modify the code to fit any other DBMS.

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JRE is an acronym for Java Runtime Environment. Java is a platform independent programming language that is interpreted at runtime by JVM (Java Virtual Machine), that's why it is very difficult to produce executables(*.exe) file for Java code. JRE in essence is a JVM. Java was designed and is maintained by "Sun Microsystems Pvt. Ltd".

Now if you ask me that that how the hell did I created a an executable named HomeMade Dictionary.exe, then dear I had use a Java wrapper named JSmooth( you can get it from ). Probably now  you would like to know what is this wrapper, then to answer all of your queries you would better like to have a look at an excellent article "Java to EXE - Why, When, When Not and How" .

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Why I am distributing it for free?

I developed it the entire product using either freeware utilities or open-source products and for my personal interests, now since I found that may be it could be useful for others too so I'm distributing this out for free. Also it is open source so modification to code and suggestions are welcome. May be you can even improve this product. For more philosophy over Open Source products you may like to have a look at Open Source FAQ's at  : " Open Source International" .

Even yahoo provided me free web space at geocities, so whole  idea of charging for it is injustice. Anyways code itself is a very simple utility, and nobody would goof up to pay for it.

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You want to Contribute

Great so you appreciated this product and want to contribute.

1.This project is now up under the name "jcustomdict". You may submit all your  requests there about suggestions, latest news, help, request for new features and loads more. It will be the place where I will add new Wordlists uploaded by you in addition to my webpage. In case you want to improve the code join my developer team at (you need to first create an account at sourceforge, then subscribe to the project jcustomdict).

2. You may contribute new wordlists: This can be done by downloading the Conversion tools from here. Detailed instructions for running the tools is included in the package itself. I will upload your wordlist on this page with due credits to you. These tools also allow you to share wordlists created by others.

3. If you appreciated this project do recommend others to download this project and send me your comments. Also try rating my project at under the name "javadict".

4. You could perhaps also improve my webpage in case you are an experienced web developer

5. In case you find that you are really impressed, and that this product is revolutionary and has changed your lifestyle then feel free to send me monetary contribution via the sourceforge donation mechanism:

Support This Project

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I found out a bug

First of all download the latest version( presently 2.0) from here:

WindowsXP Users                               Linux Users

Now try running it and see if the bug is fixed, in case you see that bug still persists; then Great, you just found out a bug. If know how to remove it, download the code remove it and mail me the code back I will repost it on the site with credits to you. Since I am not efficient webpage designer, presently haven't put up a section for users comment, but soon I will. If  you don't know how to fix it, and you are sure that its a bug then mail the nature of bug to me and I will rectify the same. You may also post the bug at bugs forum on under the project "jcustomdict".

Known Bug:

By the way if you are telling me that while playing GAME you encounter certain options as blank, then its not a bug don't complain it to me. It happens because Game randomly selects meanings from database, and some meaning fields in the dictionary you have selected might be blank, (This is the usual case for standard dictionary supplied). To fix this bug simply find out all the words that have their meaning field as blank and replace it with some meaning of your own.

Still using Windows

Well, Windows no doubt is a great operating system and very to use, however why does world always want to go after an operating system that is virus loving, with negligible security, which hangs every now and then and you have to restart it after installing/uninstalling any bit of software.

All this is bearable, but then the amount  you pay for a genuine copy of Windows? Compare it with Linux, though difficult to use initially, it comes with world class security, with a whole lot of bundle of software's (CD Writing, Publishing, Office, Music and Video Players, Organizers, Games, Calendars, IDE, programming languages, Editors, Image Editors and ........).Name the software and you have it and the best fact is that all this comes for free, unless you need very advance features/support.

 I am great Linux fan, and all those Windows users should try out this too, to relieve yourself  of those blood sucking viruses, frequent hangouts, spy wares and good for nothing Antivirus. Please have a  look at link below to know status Window security and spy wares at: ,You can be totally sucked out even without your knowledge, just read the article above.

   Discover Power of Linux

Interested, I would like you read an excellent article by "Niyam Bhushan" named "Seven Steps to Software Samadhi", migrating from Windows to Gnu Linux.

If you would like to have any queries about Linux, there are worldwide forums and users to help you out just google the "problem" ,and you have the solution, or feel free to mail me & if time permits I shall be glad to help you out.

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Who I am?

I am an amateur programmer and a software engineer from INDIA. Please have a look at this link for further detail : "About Me".

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